Winning the Bro2Beast Challenge

Winning the Bro2Beast Challenge

To make the most of this challenge, we wanted to focus on goals that show overall fitness improvement. Winning the Bro2Beast Challenge is determined by a structured point system. While we’re both overweight thirty-somethings, we don’t want the sole focus to be on weight loss. Of course, there will be points given each month to the person who has lost the most weight (based on percentage lost, not actual weight). This component of the challenge will not be enough to guarantee a win though.

Winning the Bro2Beast Challenge

Each month there will be an actual fitness challenge, which will gain the winner points to the overall challenge. We will also feature side propositions including some form of community service or embarrassment for the loser.

The mini-challenges will be a head-to-head fitness challenge in something that has an obvious winner and loser. We’ve come up with something that is just enough of a challenge to keep us both honest and humiliate the loser.

We’ll have bigger challenges every 3 months to give the winner even more points to the overall score. Our first 3-month challenge will be sometime in March or April.

The final challenge will be something absolutely brutal that represents the culmination of 12 months of beast-like fitness training (or at least our loose definition of “beast-like fitness training”).

All of the challenges will take place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and the times will be flexible due to availability of local events and schedule coordination. We’re both dads who work full time to feed the families, so public humiliation will have to come after dad-duties. Luckily the Internet now makes it easier to connect with those you wish to destroy. Be on the lookout for live-streamed challenges on our Facebook page.

Be sure to subscribe to the Bro2Beast YouTube channel to follow along with our progress. Also, be sure to support Team Bailey or Team Jared.

Bro2Beast Challenge Points

Challenge Points Per Challenge Total Available Points Notes
Monthly Weight-Loss Winner (by %) 1 12
Monthly Fitness Challenge 1 8 *1 point per month excludes quarterly competition and annual competition
Quarterly Fitness Challenge 3 9 * 3 events with 4th quarter event being big challenge
Year-End Challenge 10 10
Year-End Challenge 10 10
Total 39
To Win 20