Bro2Beast Challenge

What’s the Bro2Beast Challenge?

On a cold day in December 2016, we were helping one of our relatives move. After a few hours it became apparent that not only are we both in terrible shape, but we are also not as young as we used to be. We came to the realization that we’ve slipped into the dad/old man lifestyle of avoiding anything that resembles physical activity, and we decided it might be a good idea to start working out. This realization came while both of our forearms were locked up with cramps, we were panting from moving an entertainment center and, if we are honest, both of the verge of tears. Like most conversations between friends, this quickly turned into a competition.

Brilliant Bros

Like all brilliant ideas, this was fueled by machismo and beer.

The idea then evolved into a yearlong challenge that would require much more commitment than a simple weight loss challenge behind closed doors. Knowing some basic psychological concepts and theories we recognized that there are some approaches that increase the chances at being successful.

Psychology of Motivation as Understood By 2 Bros

The first concept is that a friendly competition shows better results with any fitness challenge, and that a person is more likely to adhere to any diet or exercise plan when there is a competitive element.

The second concept is that a person is more likely to follow through when they tell other people they’ll do something. This is where the brilliant idea of sharing the challenge with the Internet came into play. We figured it wasn’t enough to simply tell family and friends that we’re going to spend the next year getting in shape, so we decided that we’d tell the world.

The third concept is the motivation associated with working towards a goal that includes a tangible reward. While there are obviously health and fitness benefits, we wanted to step it up a notch. We thought it might be too easy for the other to back out if there weren’t some real stakes involved in the challenge. One of the biggest stakes will obviously be bragging rights at the end of the year, but what fun is that if the loser simply stopped trying towards the end of the year? No fun in talking crap when the other person didn’t care enough to stick with it. So we added an additional motivating factor: CASH.

Now, before you get all high and mighty thinking about how self-centered we are and that we’re wasting our time on selfish games, or cite research that suggests monetary goals alone are poor motivators, let me clarify:

The loser of the Bro2Beast challenge will make a $1,000 donation to the charity of the winner’s choice.

That’s right, whoever loses this challenge will be writing a check for a grand to a charitable organization. This changes the dynamic from being based solely on a monetary benefit for the winner, but adds an element of community support. Hopefully the potential benefit to causes that we are both passionate about will prove to be an effective incentive.

Keeping It Interesting

We also plan on including some smaller challenges along the way that will result in some community service. Be on the lookout for mini-challenges that could result in the loser volunteering with local organizations, or spending some time cleaning up a local park. We’re going to be pretty horrible towards each other over the next year, but we wanted this to be more than a couple of guys participating in something that has no impact on the general public.

As a matter of fact, if you have any ideas for a mini-fitness challenge, hit us up on our Facebook page and let us know what you’d like to see. We’re also open to ideas for the challenge prize (provided it is community service related, and in the Dallas/Fort Worth area).

Creative Benefits

Another benefit that comes from this challenge is that we have the opportunity to do some things that we typically don’t have time for. We make all of the videos and music used in the videos, and write our own blogs. With our everyday responsibilities (full-time jobs, families, kids and junk), we don’t have a lot of free time to pursue these endeavors individually. The Bro2Beast Challenge gives us both an opportunity to experiment with some creative expression while also tackling the cliche resolutions, and that ever important community service component (chosen, not required). Ultimately, this will be the ultimate multi-tasking endeavor for us both. We’ll use the challenge to check off a lot of boxes: fitness, writing, video, music, design, volunteering/charitable causes and the most important – endless shit-talking. Game on.

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