Bro Definition

What’s a Bro?

There are a lot of people who may associate the term “Bro” with a negative perception of a douche frat guy from college. **IMPORTANT** – This is not how we are using the term bro in our challenge. In all honesty, we really just wanted a URL that sounded good, thus we chose Bro2Beast. It has the right amount of alliteration, it has a numeral in the URL so provides a nice text break, and the structure hopefully plays to multiple demographics, those who possess an affinity for classic 90s Disney movies, while also appealing to the recent generation of mainstream football fans. Be sure to check out the BEAST page to get our full explanation of our liberal definition of a true beast.

Our definition of bros is two guys who happen to be friends, but find themselves lacking in any beast-like traits.

Definition of a bro

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At this point we feel it is important to note that we are not truly subject matter experts in any of the topics covered on this site, just your average guys, or bros if you will…

Our thoughts and experiences are brought through completely subjective lenses solely reliant on our own personal experiences thus far. If you want the latest tips on getting shredded and proper deadlift techniques for the next Crossfit world championships, you’re in the wrong place. But, if you’re looking for honest reviews and thoughts about workout plans or insight into experience from fitness novices, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be open and honest with what we’re doing, but we wouldn’t recommend you have high expectations regarding the valuable tips gleaned from our commentary.

In an effort to be 100% transparent, we assume that the most appealing aspect of this challenge to those who follow along will the the entertainment value. As mentioned in the explanation of the challenge, one strategy for both of us is the use of public embarrassment as a motivating factor. The hope is that by making this challenge public, we will be more likely to aim for fitness improvement, while also remaining committed to destroying the competition.

We’re just trying to be a little better at life, therefore we start as simple bros.