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Perform Better Drive Sled Review

I ran into Brandon a couple of weeks ago while he was up in DFW competing in a body building competition.  I was lamenting the fact that I did not have a Hex Bar and he mentioned that if I really wanted to turn it up a notch, I should look into a sled.  He listed the multitude of benefits and general awesomeness of pushing/pulling sleds and I was excited to look into it.

I got on Amazon as soon as I went home and, though a little taken aback by the price, found a good warehouse deal and ordered this one:

Perform Better Drive Sled li

Perform Better Drive Sled li

I waited a few days and it finally came.  Here are my thoughts:

Overall Construction and Ease of Assembly

The sled came pretty much already assembled in a big heavy box.  The only things that needed to be assembled were the handles- they had to be attached to the base.  This was easy as two of the four just slipped into the base.  The middle two (the ones that hold the plates), needed to be screwed in but with some lock-jaw pliers, that was simple.

How I Work Out With The Sled

So I searched Youtube for some examples of what you can do with these things and was surprised at the creativity some people had in coming up with ways of using them to workout.  Check out this video:

I ended up starting with a length of about 30 yards and with a weight of 205 lbs (including the 45 lb weight of the sled).  I began by pushing as fast and hard as I could forward like this:

perform better drive sled push

Then I picked up the ropes that were included and pulled the sled back to the starting line like this:

perform better drive sled push

I counted that as one set. Initially, I did 5 sets and just about fainted.  Seriously, this thing is killer.  Check out what Erika Hurst has to say about it:

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity: a sled is one of the most feared and vicious tools you can get your hands on in the gym; and it has the power to humble you in an instant while simultaneously training every athletic attribute you desire.

Sled drills can be done for conditioning, fat loss, muscle building and sport-specific training. It works every muscle in your body, and it will test your mind.

In terms of training economy and getting more bang for your buck in the gym, a sled is the ultimate tool. This one simple piece of equipment can be used to develop several different attributes. It can be pushed, pulled or dragged, with the option to add weight for extra resistance.

Read her full story here…

Positives About The Perform Better Drive Sled

There is a lot to like about this thing.  I’m sure I’ll add to this list later but here were the things that immediately jumped out to me:

  • Killer workout
  • Versatile
  • Portable- although it is about 45 lbs, its not too hard to move it
  • Sturdy- this particular model is built like a tank.  I’m sure this will last forever, or until it breaks me and I decide to get rid of it
  • Comes with straps and harness

Things I Didn’t Like

There weren’t too many negatives I found.  It is a piece of exercise gear that does its job.  Yes, its job is painful and at times might make you throw up or want to pass out, but it does that job well.  The biggest problem I had is finding the space to do it.  It did not work well on the sidewalk in front of my house and since I live on a main street I didn’t want to use it in the middle of the street.

Luckily I live on a green belt and took it behind my house to a field.  If a person didn’t have that available, I could see it being a pain to find a place to use this.

All in all if you are looking for a solid piece of gear that will give you a killer workout- the perform better drive sled is your friend.

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  • Maggie hinson

    I think it looks very cool and worth your time,but little much for Dad and me. We are interested to see you using it when we come to visit. Glad it is a welcomed addition to your workout. Go team Jared!

  • Shalini

    I like your review and also like this sled and quality. I can use it in my fake grass and put gliders under for driveway. Great construction!

  • employment advice

    Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thank you

    • admin

      For sure! As long as they don’t mind reading the opinions of two guys who are clearly not experts in the art of training or fitness. All we can claim is that the pain and suffering is genuine!

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