Challenge Number 2 – We Almost Died

Seriously…this hurt so bad

After taking a brief hiatus, we came back to a brutal challenge, or at least a brutal challenge for 2 fat guys. February was full of obstacles that sidelined us both for a few weeks. Bailey spent a lot of time out of town, and Jared had a knee injury flare up that demanded some rest from hard workouts. When we finally were able to get together for the challenge, the Dallas/Fort Worth area was hit with torrential rain, so we faced another delay.

After the extended setbacks, we were finally able to get together for our March challenge (although at this point it was the first weekend in April). Since the goal of the Bro2Beast Challenge is to see constant improvements, we raised the bar with this challenge compared to the plank challenge.

This challenge was a mashup of cardio, strength, and endurance. It included 3 mile-long laps on mountain bikes, a 30-second plank, 15 overhead presses, and ended with 15 crunches, the winner being whoever completed the challenge in the shortest amount of time. It sucked.

Before we started, we agreed that the loser would be making a donation to the winner’s charity. Check out the video below to see how things played out.