Every Day is Monday and The Value of a Clean Slate 1

In any pursuit that’s worth doing, you will inevitably hit a wall.  This is why most peoples’ New Year’s resolutions almost always fade out by February or March- if they even last that long.  Even though I didn’t have as bad a month as Bailey in terms of life getting in the way, I can honestly admit that much of February and so far in March, I have been failing pretty hardcore.  I have worked out (though not as much as I should) and many days I have watched what I ate, but the days I haven’t watched my eating have more than made up for the days that I did.

As a result, my weight loss has grinded to a standstill.  I haven’t regained anything but I also haven’t lost anything and I can’t really blame it on building muscle because I’m not seeing any really significant improvements in the gym (aka my garage).

This is the point that, in the past, I would have chalked the experiment up to a failure, gone and picked up a 12-pack and swung into McD’s for a couple of double cheeseburgers.  Our culture sometimes instills an “all or nothing” mentality into us and I have been guilty in the past of thinking that a setback = total failure and scratching the entire experience.  This is the absolute wrong thing to do.

A Clean Slate

We all deserve second chances, or third chances, or fiftieth chances to improve ourselves.  Wiping the slate clean and starting fresh should never be looked at as bad, instead we should relish the thought of starting over and of trying again- no matter how many times it takes.

This is me wiping the slate clean.  I need to do better, not just to beat Bailey as devastatingly as possible, but for myself.  It will be hard, and I will certainly have more setbacks in the future but I can always come back to the drawing board and get back to basics.  All I need is a little time for honest reflection and some inspiration.
Jocko Willink

Every Day is Monday

I’ll leave you this time by introducing you to something I’ve been listening to lately.  Jocko Willink is a retired US Navy Seal turned podcaster/Author.  He has an “album” available called Psychological Warfare which is really just a set of tracks with him trying to psyche you up.  My favorite “track” on that album is number 13 titled “Every Day: Every Single Day”.  I felt the following lines get to the heart of this post:

“Here, there is no such thing as a weekend.  This is an everyday gig.

Every day is a Monday- and you may not like that. Me?  I love it

To me, Every Day is a beginning, a new day, a new week, a new shot at life.

An opportunity to come out of the gate like a man possessed and attack the day without mercy…”

Pumps me up, anyone up for some squats????

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  • Maggie hinson

    “A new day,a new shot at life”….I love this! It is a great attitude not just for getting in shape but for all aspects of life. Keep up yet good work,we got your back

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