How to Stay Injury Free During Beast Training

Staying injury free during training – A non-athletic perspective

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no athlete. Prior to this month, I’ve spent very little time in the gym or engaged in any form of physical activity. Because of this, I found myself experiencing many aches and pains and other issues during the first couple weeks of my training sessions. I immediately realized that I need to stay ahead of these maladies to ensure I’m not derailed by injury. I’m not exactly talking about true injuries in the sense of needing medical evaluation for muscle or joint problems, but the kind of injuries that would give me an excuse to avoid any workouts.

Blisters From Running

One of the first issues I ran into when I started doing cardio was blisters. What really go be were blisters on my Achilles from wearing low-profile socks while on the treadmill. These sucked. They were so uncomfortable that I skipped a workout because they made walking miserable. Since we have our monthly challenges and skipping workouts isn’t really an option I had to get on top of this before I feel into complacency with missing workouts.

My solution: big-ass band aids and two layers of socks. Might seem like overkill to have multiple layers like this, and many runners may laugh at my seemingly low tolerance for pain, but I don’t care. For the overweight and lazy, workouts already suck enough. Having blisters gives me the perfect excuse to quit. So, I attacked the problem with extreme caution. I made sure I had enough coverage to workout without feeling any pain from blisters. My wife may have laughed at me while I was layering up (she’s a former runner), but I don’t even care. It doesn’t take much for me to skip a workout, and my heels hurt. Don’t judge me.

The Old Big-Boy Thigh Rub

Now this one is fairly embarrassing, but is a common problem for those who might have some more mass around the thigh area….you know who you are. I noticed this after my third or fourth long session on the treadmill, and was almost as bad as the blisters. This one was a simple fix though: compression shorts. The issue is obviously just repetitive friction on my wobbly-bits. I bought a couple pairs of cheap compression shorts and problem solved. I’d definitely recommend at least a 9″ inseam though to make sure you’ve got full coverage. The key is to immediately address any injury that could cause you to skip a workout. I went to the local sports store and bought the cheapest compression shorts I could find, and took care of business.

Knee Pain

This is a more legitimate problem than my other pains, and I knew it would be before I started. I used to spend all day on my feet and I start experiencing knee pain after I’ve been on my feet all day. From previous experience I knew that after about 20 minutes on the treadmill I’d start experiencing pain that would continue to get worse the longer I moved. A knee brace was one of the first items I bought when the Bro2Beast really got underway. Nothing fancy, and I know it’s not a long-term solution, but I need something that can get me through workouts that will put some strain on my knees. I still feel a little discomfort after a hard workout, but it’s nowhere near what it would be without a brace.

I’m obviously not a doctor, and don’t claim to have any clinical expertise to draw on here, but having that extra support around my knee seems to have a benefit. I’m sure that I will eventually need to have this checked out, but I’m hoping that it might get better over time as I drop some weight and start getting into shape. I have no idea if this is how joint pain works, but I won’t get this checked out until after I’ve destroyed Jared in this challenge.

While I haven’t spent a whole lot of time doing weight training this first month, I expect that I’ll run into a completely new set of issues once I up my training. Hopefully it won’t be anything serious, and I’ll be able to address it quickly enough not to be sidelined by a painful injury forcing me to skip workouts.