Home Training Plan – Cardio and Weight Training

Home Training Plan

Home Training GearAs mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m not planning on joining a gym anytime soon. This isn’t because of any sense of embarrassment of working out in front of others, it’s simply because gyms cost money, and going somewhere to work out takes time. I have a wife and two little girls at home, so I need all the time I can get. If working out at home saves me a few minutes a day that would be spent driving to a gym, I’ll take it. To make the most of limited time, I’ve been working on a home training plan that makes the most of my limited resources.

Although Jared jumped right into the challenge by spending a fairly significant amount of money on a weight rack, I’ve taken a different approach. I have a couple of free-weights, a medicine ball, a yoga matt, and a homemade plyo box/jump box. A couple of these items were purchased at a garage sale, so all-in-all I have around $50 in my home gym. For cardio, we have a treadmill that was purchased a few years ago at a garage sale that I’ll use to start building up my cardio foundation.

My workout routine will start off fairly simple since I’m starting from scratch as far as fitness is concerned.

My plan is to get in at least 30 minutes of daily cardio and do free-weight/body-weight workouts 4 times a week.

After doing some very general research on best times to workout I’ve split up my workouts throughout the week.

Home Training – Cardio Plan

A few articles I’ve read suggest the best time for doing cardio is in the morning. There are conflicting opinions on this, but ultimately doing cardio in the morning fits best with my schedule. Since I’m still waiting on my gym buddy to get used to the leash, and giving him some time for his legs to grow a little, I’ll be spending 30 minutes each morning on the treadmill. My endurance and athletic abilities are absolute garbage at this point, so the goal is to walk for 30 minutes to get my heart rate up and try not to die. One of our quarterly challenges will most likely be a 5k, and cardio will be a big component in our end-of-year challenge, so this will be something that I really focus on improving.

An additional cardio workout (albeit a small one) is to do some stair walking at work each day. Let’s face it, walking up flights of stairs sucks. Unfortunatley I work in an office building that’s 11 stories, and my coworkers walk the stairs every day. I’ve spent the last year ignoring their attempts to torture me, but I’ve decided that every little bit helps. So every day I’ll be walking up 11 flights of stairs, or however many flights I can go without dying.

I’m hoping that in 6 weeks I’ll be ready to start taking Lucas on fast paced walks outside. Again, it’s going to take some time for me to break my sedentary ways. I’ll either start seeing some significant fitness improvements, or I’ll die. Either way, I’ll give 100%.

Home Training – Free-Weight/Body-Weight Workouts

Not having access to a gym and the fact that I’m unwilling to make a significant investment in equipment limits me in weightlifting workouts. I’ve found a number of examples of home workouts that I can do with some weights to give me plenty of preparation for the upcoming challenges. Currently I have 2 twenty-pound dumbbells, a 25 pound dumbbell, a 10 pound medicine ball, and a plyometric box. I’ll supplement my weight workouts with some body-weight exercises as well.

Here’s my home free-weight/body-weight plan:

  • 10 reps of alternated bicep curls
  • 1-minute plank
  • 10 shoulder presses
  • 10 kneeling one-arm rows
  • 10 dumbbell goblet squats
  • 10 crunches
  • 10 stationary lunges
  • 1-minute plank
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 10 standing triceps presses

2 minute rest

Repeat x 3

I’ll do these 4 days each week through the end of the month and adjust based on my fitness level. I’ll be changing this up each month to keep things interesting, and add additional exercises based on fitness improvements.

My goal is to increase my cardio to 45 minutes each day by the time we do our 5k. I’ll also focus on increasing the number of reps I can do with each free-weight/body-weight session.