Finding My Workout Buddy- An Odyssey of Epic Proportions 2

Finding the Perfect Workout Buddy

I read a post by Bailey about his workout buddy aka his puppy Lucas.  It certainly is cute.  I can just picture Bailey rolling around in the grass with a fat little puppy, chasing after each other, panting, falling asleep, and chasing rabbits in their dreams.  It’s a quaint little scene and I applaud him for thinking about it.  I also thank him, because it gave me a good idea.  I, too, need an adorable workout buddy.  He was spot on in his assessment of the benefits of a workout buddy and I need to get in on that. I began my search in earnest two days ago.

My Workout Buddy Odyssey

I started with this fella here.  Yeah he isn’t a puppy anymore and he is getting grumpier as each day passes but surely some exercise would do him good, right?  I took him for an easy mile walk and the result was a few hour nap.  The next day I picked up his leash and he hid under the bed.  He stayed there for a couple of hours.  Something tells me he isn’t up for the challenge.


My next attempt was this little lady.  She has all the energy in the world and the attitude to match it.  Surely she would be a workout buddy for the record books.  It would be great; I could get in shape and spend quality time with my daughter.  The world makes sense after all.  Just as I was about to congratulate myself on my pick, I noticed she had gotten distracted.  Apparently finding acorns in other peoples’ yards was higher on her list of priorities than working out with her old man.

Little Lady Beast

My final stop under my own roof for a workout partner was my dear sweet wife.  She is always so supportive and encouraging.  She would surely get up every day and exercise with me, right?

She couldn’t even stop laughing long enough for me to get a picture of her to use in this post.  She said, well, not so much said as muttered semi-intelligibly through breaks in laughter that I should look somewhere else.  Thus ends my search in my own household.

A Workout Partner Somewhere Out There

My failure to find a workout buddy in my own household left me to consider the possibilities of finding someone, somewhere, who was up to the challenge.  I needed someone who could encourage me, who could lift me up when Bailey was bringing me down; above all else, I needed someone adorable.  I considered typing in “workout partner” to Craigslist but that’s when it hit me, it had been staring me right in the face the entire time.  I already knew the perfect workout partner.
He is knowledgeable, motivating, and I daresay can compete with Bailey’s puppy on adorable-ness (if that’s a thing).  His name is Brandon Smith- get a load of this mug:


Brandon owns a gym in San Angelo Texas called Fitness United.  He will be my “workout buddy.”  Although he is about 200 miles away, the beauty of the inter-webs will allow him to coach me through my movements and there are some apps and other tools that will allow me to stay accountable to his workout plans/diet suggestions as we go.  I will be travelling to Angelo this week for a family visit and will stop in at his gym for some one-on-one instruction.  Check out our YouTube Channel for that.

In the battle of the workout partners, who wins… Bailey’s puppy or Brandon?

I suppose time will tell…

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